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  1. simply-5th-heirloom Nov 26, 2009

    hey there...

    just new 'round here...

    hope to get in touch...

  2. riku1212 Jun 28, 2009

    oh just make a code for it and then just copy and paste on the control panel oh and make sure the coding works first

  3. riku1212 May 22, 2009

    oh i need to make u an admin for that

  4. weird12u May 21, 2009

    no i mean on the page... not my page but the groups page...

  5. riku1212 May 20, 2009

    just copy the code go to control panel and then costimise my userpage <.< i think i spelled that wrong....

  6. weird12u May 04, 2009

    ha ha =p sounds fun... how do you put banners on a page? i want to know since on MT-Haven Mick-chan wants me to do it and i don't know how *cries* i feel dumb

  7. riku1212 May 02, 2009

    i'm been good i've been busy stalking a guy lol jk

  8. weird12u Apr 30, 2009

    i like begging... but that is just me >.< since i am not good at anything =( oh well... how is everything going with you Riku-san?

  9. riku1212 Apr 29, 2009

    i'll try to work on one or just begg someone to do it XD

  10. weird12u Apr 28, 2009

    the group avi is so cute <3 i love it to tears... i saw it and like gasped because there was one there =) yay cute things! ha ha now all we need is a background and i think we are set...

  11. riku1212 Apr 24, 2009

    we need members i'll try to work on the group avatar but it might take a while i'm catching up on shugo chara

    merged: 04-28-2009 ~ 03:01am

    merged: 04-28-2009 ~ 03:52am
    do u like the group avi?

  12. weird12u Mar 16, 2009

    nice ^^ and i love that new banner! it seems great <3

    merged: 04-02-2009 ~ 09:59pm
    hello everyone! i am here to see how is it going and it has been awhile so i thought i might as well check up on things

    merged: 04-21-2009 ~ 01:12am

  13. riku1212 Mar 10, 2009

    lol i've ben good

  14. weird12u Mar 03, 2009

    yes orange poptart 4 life ^^ i really think they should make some of those (me likes some orange) and how is everyone? i have been off doing dumb postsecrets and school junk @_@

  15. riku1212 Feb 26, 2009

    ok hope to see them and i love ur user name was it orange poptar

  16. weird12u Feb 25, 2009

    why thank you ^.^ i tried. actually none of my work is ever submitted into minitokyo for reasons i don't know....

    this is where i post my other stuff >.<
    im working on some kouga wallies now

  17. riku1212 Feb 24, 2009

    omg their cute i like the first and the last lol X3

  18. weird12u Feb 06, 2009

    lol it took me a little too long to join. i apologize for taking so long i forgot >.< that's me for ya!

    lets make this an awesome group!

    merged: 02-11-2009 ~ 09:41pm
    ok i jumped into another puddle of trouble *sigh* (i do this a lot)

    so i was starting on some banners, and i realized that idk what you guys like

    kouga x kagome
    kouga x sango
    kouga x ayame
    kouga x rin (maybe u never know!)

    until i get any requests, i plan on making a few different ones (it solves the prob.)

    just ask though, if you want something specific!

    merged: 02-11-2009 ~ 11:08pm
    wow i need to stop commenting *ugh*
    lol o well here is what i got so far on banners
    now i have to give direct links because idk how to do it all nicely so im sorry!

    im sorry if they are not the right size, but idk what is I TRIED!

    and now i shall make images for the gallery *wink*

  19. dragongod234 Feb 05, 2009

    can i join?
    i'm not like my friend who loves inuyasha, i love koga

  20. weird12u Jan 28, 2009

    hey :-) i love koga he is the best ever! i would love to join

  21. riku1212 Dec 22, 2008

    ok i aded some stuff. :)

  22. riku1212 Dec 22, 2008

    yay you made it! :)

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